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carpet-crossing n. the act of joining an opposition (political party) or conceding to its policies. Also floor-crossing, crosstitution. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

eau clair

eau clair  n.— «Voeckler rhymes with eau clair, the slang for riding without drugs, and the yellow jersey holder has made no bones about his opposition to doping.» —“Virenque is big cheese of mountains” by William...


chirping  n.— «There has always been banter—”chirping” as they call it—on the cricket field, but the past decade has seen it elevated to a calculated science as, for example, Steve Waugh and his side pursued what the Australian...


Verwaltungsvereinfachungsmassnahmen  n.— «Verwaltungsvereinfachungsmassnahmen sollen ebenfalls zu einem Zulauf an Antragstellern und damit potentiellen Existenzgruendern fuehren. Es bleibt abzuwarten, ob die bisher untaetige...