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fairy ring

fairy ring  n.— «Some sediment dweller has built its mound hard against a nodule. And on the left is a “fairy ring” of unknown origin that seems to be slipping and perhaps rolling nodules into its moat.» —“Why are there...


SWMBO n. a woman in authority; a wife. Editorial Note: Usually jocular. Etymological Note: she who must be obeyed. The information in the 2004 cite is likely correct as to the popularization and pronunciation of this term, but the earliest use and...


pocho n. an Americanized person or thing of Mexican origin, including Americanized Mexican Spanish. Also adj. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


swirl  n.— «My kids are really swirls. Chau, from New York City, adopted the term after hearing it in discussions about being a person of mixed-race origin while she was an undergrad at Wellesley.» —“Have A Swirly Asian Pacific...

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