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Skylarking, a Joyful Messing Around

While vacationing on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, a listener encountered an Australian who used the term skylarking to mean “horsing around.” The verb to skylark goes back hundreds of years and once referred to racing through the...

Lunatic Fringe

In this week’s episode, “It was bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen.” Martha and Grant discuss their favorite first lines from novels. Also this week, palmer-housing, beanplating, meeting cute, bad...

Tree Full of Owls

The term like a tree full of owls describes someone’s appearance. What does it mean, exactly? And why owls? This is part of a complete episode.


snakebite  v.— «Temple over Toledo—Hard luck Owls shake the snakebite.» —“Pitt Picked to Lose, Yale to Take Penn” by Ralph Bernstein in Philadelphia Gettysburg Times (Pa.) Nov. 9, 1962. (source: Double...

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