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goonda tax

goonda tax  n.— «All the murders committed by the duo are reported to have been linked with their activities of collecting “goonda tax” at the general bus stands of Narowal district.» —“Police-outlaws battle near Sialkot...

goonda tax

goonda tax n. money extorted as ‘protection’ or to permit passage on public thoroughfares, or paid as a simple bribe. Etymological Note: The Hindi and Urdu term goonda can be translated as rascal or ruffian and even as goon, but there is no evidence...


chamcha n. a sycophant, toady, or hanger-on. Etymological Note: From the Hindi and Urdu word for ‘spoon.’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


batman  n.— «Pakistan army has announced that the institution of the batman would soon be abolished. Batman is also known as ‘orderly.’ He is a regular soldier taken out of combat and made to serve an officer at home.» —“Bye-bye...


doosra n. a cricket delivery bowled in such as way as to spin away from right-handed batsmen. Etymological Note: < Hin./Urd. doosra ‘second, other, another’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


doosra  n.— «It is his new delivery, his version of the “doosra,” the one that spits and spins away from the right-hander like a leg-break that has aroused suspicion.» —“Murali a law unto himself in throwing...

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