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Puddle and Hang Paper

This week’s Slang This! contestant finds out whether the word puddle is a slang term for part of a car’s muffler and if the expression hang paper involves flying kites. This is part of a complete episode.

Words of the Year (full episode)

In this episode, Grant offers a peek at some expressions he’s nominating for the American Dialect Society’s 2007 Word of the Year vote in January, 2008. Will it be w00t, subprime, or something else? You can also check out Grant’s...

market for lemons

market for lemons  n.— Note: Coined by George Akerlof, who won a Nobel Prize in Economics for the paper he wrote that popularized the term. «Indeed, it would seem that a “market for lemons” is rapidly developing in credit...

Cabbage Night

Cabbage Night  n.— «Ah, the joys of the annual ritual of mischief known throughout Vermont as Cabbage Night. It’s the night many home- and business-owners have come to dread as youths harness all their collective naughtiness into one...


tar-tar  n.— Note: “Toi toi” is a type of grass native to New Zealand, as described here, although there is at least one species of bird native to the country, the North Island tomtit, that is of the subspecies “toitoi...

make it rain

make it rain v. phr. to drop paper money on a crowd of people. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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