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ras klaat

ras klaat  n.— «“Ras clat” is actually “arse cloth” or “ass cloth,” i.e. early toilet paper. The “clat” in “bumba,” “blood,” or “p*ssy” “clat” is...

molecular gastronomy

molecular gastronomy n. in cooking, the study and application of chemistry, physics, and other scientific principles on its processes, preparation, and materials. Editorial Note: Hervé This writes to say, “It’s not my friend Peter Barham...


TMPMITW  n.— «As your pool stood around in the parking lot of the Somerset Inn on W. Big Beaver Road, waiting for TMPMITW, Scott McClellan got an early-morning briefing about the news from yeoman Josh Deckard, who pointed out important...


knot n. a roll of paper currency, esp. many small-denomination bills wrapped in a higher-value note. Also Michigan roll, Missouri roll. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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