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Bouncy House

What is the term for that big inflatable play area you see at the park, or in your neighbor’s yard? Is it a bouncy house? A jump? Grant asks listeners what they call this modern pumped-up playpen. This is part of a complete episode.

Jakey Bums

A listener from Clifton Park, New York, says her grandfather was a police officer who used the term jakey bum to refer to undesirable characters. This is part of a complete episode.


stopper  n.— «Unlike many other public and private parks, Washington Square’s new granite benches do not have skate deterrents, or “stoppers”—small metal ribs attached to the stone that prevent what are known as “grinds,” in which...

unison calling

unison calling  n.— «The breeding adults are noisiest now during the mating ritual, when pairs are engaged in what is known as “unison calling.” They throw their heads back and unleash a stream of songs and rattles, turning...


parkitecture  n.— «The rustic, rock-and-timber buildings and massive lodges constructed by highly skilled artisans are now famously part of the national parks” visual style, often referred to as “parkitecture.” In parks...