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Pecan Pronunciation

You say puh-KAHN, I say PEE-can. Just how do you pronounce the name of the nut called a pecan? Turns out, there are several correct pronunciations. This is part of a complete episode.


A woman says that when playing hide-and-seek with a small child, her mother-in-law says “peep-eye!” instead of “peekaboo!” Is that usage limited to certain parts of the country? And where do they say “pee-bo!”...

moose knuckle

moose knuckle  n.— «They spects pee-paw to pay, but pee-paw just a-humps an a-bumps his sticky sweet moose knuckle pushin up from his dung-a-rees attim an they fall back like a house o cards on fahre!» —“Pee_Paw Vs The Purveyors Of...


va-jay-jay  n.— «I have students whose parents did give them names for their body parts. Some are too embarrassed to share the name. Others find the name hilarious. We have had Mrs. Va-Jay-Jay, Knish, Kootchie, Princess Pee Pee, Stinky...