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Smiles and Dials

Metal detecting hobbyists who love tweaking their detecting devices are jokingly described by their peers as dials and smiles. This is part of a complete episode.

Origin of Listless

What’s the origin of the term listless? Does it mean you can’t find the piece of paper with the groceries you need? No. Listless shares a root with the English word lust. In its most literal sense, listless means “without...

Wine and Astonishment

Martha shares writing advice from wine writer Andrew Jefford’s essay “Wine and Astonishment.” His main advice for writers: be astonished. This is part of a complete episode.

coping classes

coping classes  n.pl.— «The term “coping classes” is the new omnibus term for those who consider themselves to be struggling financially to keep their head above water.» —“Hardworking families and Sierra Man join coping...