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Picklebacks and Mountweazels

Martha and Grant talk about phrases you love to hate, like “Do you mind if I put you on hold?” They also talk about mountweazels, jakey bums, picklebacks, and step-ins. And which is the proper term: mothers-in-law or mother-in-laws?

Fish or Cut Bait

“Fish or cut bait.” What does it mean, exactly? Stop fishing and cut your line, or stop fishing and do something else useful, like cutting bait? This is part of a complete episode.

Word Quiz Double Letters

Quiz Guy Greg Pliska has a word quiz about words and phrases that have two sets of a double letter. Here’s an example with a one-word answer: “The place where you learn ‘the three R’s.'” This is part of a complete...

The Thought Plickens

Greetings from Martha, Grant, and our old friend, Tom Swifty! This week we’d like to welcome new listeners who hear us on CKIC 92.9 FM (KICK-FM) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our latest episode features tech writer David Pogue taking the slang quiz...

Make it a Double Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s puzzle is about phrases that suggest a pair of words that are spelled alike, except that in one of them, a letter is doubled. Try to guess the two nearly identical words suggested by this phrase: “Wagered on a...