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lung-opener  n.— «In the season’s lung opener Cosmo-Hindu Open, Vijay Kumar winner of the Order of Merit for last two years, was a picture of excellence.» —“Exciting golfing season in the offing” by Brandon...


 v.— «this site, to borrow some of the parlance of the day, OWNS.» —“take a picture, it’ll last longer” by Jason (“Jumblebunny”) Population: Tire May 24, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

totty shot

totty shot n. a picture or brief broadcast of a (nude, semi-nude, or attractive) woman, used to appeal to male readers or viewers. Etymological Note: totty ‘girl or woman, esp. one who is loose, or a prostitute.’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


COLA  n.— «The commissioners’ decision to give the employees a cost-of-living adjustment—a COLA in the parlance of the budget writers—was prompted by the improved revenue picture.» —“Calvert Includes Pay Raise In Budget” by...


stripping  n.— «Her scheduling adopted the US method of stripping programmes, showing the same type of show at the same time every night so viewers always knew what was on.» —“In The Picture: I’m an ITV boss…get me out of...

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