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Take Tea for the Fever

Silence comes in many forms. Writer Paul Goodman says there is, for example, the noisy silence of “resentment and self-recrimination,” and the helpful, participatory silence of actively listening to someone speak. • The strange story...

Elephants Gerald

Sue from Rancho Palos Verdes, California, says her daughter Pip used to talk about how much she loved the jazz singer Elephants Gerald. This is part of a complete episode.

When “Bad Writing” is Good

Ahoy! In this week’s brand-spankin’-new episode: Great gifts for language lovers, nerds vs. geeks, “tow the line” vs. “toe the line,” the slang term “poutrage,” and the crust in the corners of your...

work wife

work wife  n.— «Almost one in five (of 2000) respondents said they had a work husband or wife, with a quarter of chief executives who contributed to the research identifying with having a work spouse. “We’re talking about non-sexual...

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