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Buy the Farm Origin

Adair in Fort Worth, Texas, says that her mother said that when traveling a dangerous stretch of road she and her husband almost bought the ranch, meaning they came close to having a fatal wreck. The more common phrase is bought the farm...

What the Cluck? Part 2 (minicast)

What does the expression egg on have to do with chickens? Nothing, actually. Martha explains why, and tells the story of how the term curate’s egg came to mean “something with both good and bad characteristics.”

Origin of Eavesdropping

You’d be forgiven for wondering if eavesdropping derives from the idea of would-be spies slipping and falling from the eaves of a house. But it doesn’t. This is part of a complete episode.


fi-core  n.— «According to this site, members do not have to do anything to seek financial-core status. They may simply choose to work, and the WGA has no right to impose discipline. However, a WGA site said members must resign first in...


ground-truthing  n.— «They use the photos to plot GPS coordinates of questionable places and then hit the water for a closer look. The process is called “ground-truthing.” “The more groundtruthing we do, the better the map’s going to be,”...

stunt cock

stunt cock  n.— «Being for the US market, though, the real hero is another visitor Fensom refers to as “stunt cock.”…With his girlfriend at the time, he answered an online ad and became Dane Cross, porn star. Here in...