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 n.— «His notoriety meant he was constantly sweated by the V-town po-pos.» —“Requiem for a Mac” by Eric K. Arnold East Bay Express (California) Nov. 10, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


po-po  n.— «A disillusioned member of the State’s thin blue line has written to police journal Police News suggesting a new name for officers who think they have been unfairly treated when promotions crop up. “PO-PO. Passed Over...


po-po  n.— «i guess i couldn’t hear the sirens yeah it was po-po an that’s oh pee dee for those who don’t know.» —“Lyrics: Raw Fusion: Throw Yo Hands in the Air!” by pharvey@quack.kfu.com (Paul Harvey) Usenet: alt...


po-poo  n.— «all of a sudden the po poo came thru and my boy twan was like “dam….there go officer woopty woop.”» —“Re: It’s a pig. strat peep my story” by handlebiz@webtv.net (Da Lamp) Usenet: rec...


po  n.— «Guess I got knocked for what slipped past the cop’s vision/ whenever I felt like po would throw on the bracelet/ I thought, damn, they already let me go on probation.» —“ MidWest/Philly…Confessions 2001 rane of terror...

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