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Dangerous Books You Should Read

Howdy, pilgrims! This week in the A Way with Words podcast, discover the joys (and temptations!) of two new books of collected wisdom: "The Yale Book of Quotations" edited by Fred Shapiro, and James Geary's "Guide to the...


 n.— «Even Playboy offers podcasts, or as they call it, “bodcasts.”» —“As you like it” by Aleks Tapinsh The Truth (Elkhart, Ind.) Feb. 4, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


podfading  n.— «Podcasting has drawn thousands on the premise that anyone can create an audio program, build an audience online and even vault to stardom. Less celebrated is the fact that untold numbers of shows just wink out just as...


coursecasting  n.— «Aside from creating podcasts of lectures—also known as “coursecasting”—Duke faculty members used the iPods to provide classroom materials such as lectures, songs or historical speeches.» —“University...


 n.— «Many Skypers want to record their Skype conversations and turn them into podcasts.» —“VoIP calls get podcast treatment” by Ben Charny CNet News.com Mar. 29, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)