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scooping technician

scooping technician  n.— «On this run, the “scooping technicians,” as they call themselves, have netted a fair amount of dog poo. This niche job has been a successful venture for Mr. Roberts, who owns Doggie Biz Pet Waste...

witchy poo

witchy poo
 n.— «Andrew is a watcher, Giles is around and Willow is all RenFaire witchy poo.» —“comics bookin #1″ by passerby Kingdom of Geekitude (Canada) Apr. 11, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

chook tractor

chook tractor  n.— «The “chook tractor” is a time old permaculture concept as far as i can tell. it can be as complex or simple as you like. but the basic principle is enclose the chooks where you want to plant a garden, feed...


po-poo  n.— «all of a sudden the po poo came thru and my boy twan was like “dam….there go officer woopty woop.”» —“Re: It’s a pig. strat peep my story” by handlebiz@webtv.net (Da Lamp) Usenet: rec...

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