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floating area network

floating area network  n.— «You’ve head of WANs (wide area networks) and LANs (local area networks). Now, get ready for a new buzz word: FAN. That’s floating area network. Port Townsend-based Mobilisa, best known for bringing Wi-Fi to the...


cold-ironing  v.— «The AMP program reduces toxins surrounding the port and its communities by powering massive container ships with shoreside electricity, rather than using ships’ auxiliary engines. This process is called “cold...


saw  n.— «Brooker manned the .50-caliber machine gun while Sgt. Patrick Hock of Port Orchard operated the M249s, also known as “saws.”» —“Assertive driving is road to survival for Humvees” by Adam Lynn in...


Portunol n. a mixture of the Spanish and Portuguese languages, usu. spoken. Also Portunhol, Portuñol. Etymological Note: Sp. Portugués or Port. Portuguese + Sp. Español or Port. Espanhol (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)