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Chopped Liver

There’s a proverb that goes “beloved children have many names.” At least, that’s true when it comes to the names we give our pets. “Fluffy” becomes “Fluffers” becomes “FluffFace” becomes...

Schippen, the Pout Face

Gary in Denton, Texas, is looking for a word for the pout that precedes a baby’s wail. The Germans have a word for that: schippchen, which means “little shovel” and refers to the shape of that wet, protruding lower lip. This is...

German for “Pout”

Count on the Germans to have a picturesque term for a pout: Schippchen, that face you make by sticking out your bottom lip, comes from a word that means “little shovel.” This is part of a complete episode.

boo-boo face

boo-boo face n. a pout or pouty facial expression; moue; boo-boo lip, an out-thrust lip. Editorial Note: Probably from the facial expression children make when they have a boo-boo ‘minor injury.’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

trout pout

trout pout  n.— «“It’s good to see Volvo has moved away from the boxy models of the past,” he said. He described the grille as a “trout pout.”» —“New v50 is a more sporting estate” Derby Evening...

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