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preing  n.— «“Pre” is no longer a prefix placed in front of a word meaning “before.” In Jamaica today if someone is “preing” you it means they are checking out or observing you.» —“Withdrawals and...

super senior

super senior n. a college student who takes more than four years to graduate. Etymological Note: Super as a prefix means “above, over, beyond.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


deckle n. a thick band of fat on (a cut of) meat; a very fatty cut of meat. Etymological Note: Mostly likely connected to German dicht ‘thick,’ dick ‘thick’ or ‘fat,’ or Dicke ‘fat person, a fatty.’ The prefix dick- is used to to indicate...


robo-call n. an automated (telemarketing) phone call. Editorial Note: Robo, from robot, is a long-standing prefix used to indicate automation or mechanization. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


anaspora  n.— «A professor in Hawaii, however, had given it the old college try. He terms it “anaspora.” “The stem for ‘diaspora’ is speirein, meaning to scatter, and the prefix dia means apart. An antonym for ‘diaspora’...

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