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price of carbon

price of carbon n. the going rate for petroleum-related pollution-emission rights or credits, which are traded on an international market. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

price of carbon

price of carbon  n.— «The level of that tax will be determined—exactly how has not yet been decided—by the international price of “carbon,” which is jargon for tradeable rights to emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases...

price of carbon

price of carbon  n.— «James Cameron, a founder of Climate Change Capital, a merchant bank specialising in emissions trading, told edie that this move would drive down the price of carbon.» —“UK cuts reduction targets in revised NAPS...

sub-penny quoting

sub-penny quoting n. the practice of offering a decimal of a cent higher than a stock’s asking price or another buy order. Also sub-penny pricing, sub-penny trading. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


KVI  n.— «At the root of the problem is “loss leading.” It works like this. Everyday groceries, such as bread, butter, milk and sugar, are classified as known-value items (KVIs). These are the key purchases whose price shoppers...

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