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Emphasis on Patronize

How do you pronounce the word patronize? Is one pronunciation used if you say “Don’t patronize me!” and another one if you say “We patronize local businesses”? This is part of a complete episode.

Pronouncing Route

An ESL teacher puzzles over how to explain to his students the proper pronunciation of the word route. He asks whether the pronunciation “root” has been “routed” by “rowt.” This is part of a complete episode.

Road Trip!

Welcome to another edition of the A Way with Words newsletter! On the air this past weekend we chatted with listeners about the driving games "padiddle" and "slug bug," about the pronunciation of "aunt," about the...

Snarky Last-Ditch Effort

Halloo and ahoy! If you missed last weekend's episode of A Way with Words, it's now up on the web site: We had a good time as we talked with callers about: --the meaning and origin of "snarky" --"last-stich...


How do you pronounce eco, as in eco-friendly? Is it EE-koe or EK-koe? A seller of environmentally friendly products learns whether she can tell her teenage son to go spread his pronunciation in the garden. This is part of a complete episode.