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I Don’t Have the Spoons

Whether it’s a Rubik’s cube or a round of Wordle, why do so many of us find puzzles irresistible? A new book celebrates the allure and psychological benefits of brain teasers. Plus, powerful language for talking about the chronic...


This week’s Slang This! contestant, a comic-book illustrator from Providence, R.I., tries to guess the meaning of the expressions “hat-catcher” and “to go shucks.” This is part of a complete episode.

compassion club

compassion club  n.— «McCormick and his girlfriend were arrested while driving from San Diego to Providence to start a “compassion club” for seriously ill people who use marijuana to dull their pain.» —“Drug Arrest Will...


whale  n.— «A whale is a mound of snow allowed to settle on a trail to be moved where it’s needed later.» —“On the slopes—Ski areas have a whale of a time despite record warmth” by Mike Szostak Providence...

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