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Really? Really!

Really??? Really! A college student in Provo, Utah, says he’s hearing this expression of sarcastic incredulity more and more— even catching himself saying this to his cellphone when it dropped a call. He suspects it comes from Saturday Night...

spun out

spun out  adj.— «What if she is spun out (slang for someone under the influence of drugs)?» —“Riding with a Probation Officer: Officers blend law, social work” by Katie Ashton Daily Herald (Provo, Utah) May...


debriefing  n.— «The curriculum uses a practice called “debriefing,” during which students share their methods for solving math problems, and the class then discusses that method.» —“Parents mad over new math...


 n.— «Spending several hours both dissing Oprah for her wack amounts of cheddar.» —“The Marcy Dibbleblotts 500″ by Carly My Misadventures (Provo, Utah) Mar. 1, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


goon v. to act like a goon; to attack (someone) with undue or unprovoked violence. Also noun, gooning. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


heatiness  n.— «The other ailment Doris waxes lyrical about is a peculiar affliction called heatiness. This, according to Chinese culinary traditionalists, is caused by eating the wrong combinations of foods or downing too much strong...

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