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cotton shot

cotton shot  n.— «A cotton shot consists of the heroin and blood residues that are “pounded” out of a cotton remnant (sometimes an old cigarette filter) which was used in a previous injecting session to filter the heroin...

chemical cosh

chemical cosh n. a drug or mix of drugs used to subdue a patient, prisoner, or other person. Editorial Note: From comparison to the stunning or dulling effects of a cosh, “a thick heavy stick or bar used as a weapon,” when used on the...

power hour

power hour n. celebratory or recreational drinking in which a shot of alcohol is taken each minute for 60 minutes. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


robotripping n. the recreational use of over-the-counter cough syrup for its narcotic effects. Also roboing. Editorial Note: This is also known as dexing and tussing, the latter from the cough syrup brand name “Robitussin.” (source:...

juice bar

juice bar n. a methadone clinic, especially one that is seen to encourage addiction rather than cure it. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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