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quizzam  n.— «Actually, I used to give three “quizzams”—more challenging than a typical quiz, but simpler than an exam.» —“A Scheduled Quiz on As You Like It Sprang” by Dennis G. Jerz Jerz’s Literacy...

Alliterative Word Puzzle

Greg Pliska adds an apt and all-round admirably appealing appraisal of alliterative ability. Meaning, our Puzzle Guy presents a quiz about words that start with the same letters. May we just say that Greg gives great game? This is part of a complete...

World Capitol Quiz

Greg Pliska presents a groaner of a quiz about world capitals. Let’s just put it this way: the number of puns in this quiz will be Dublin exponentially. This is part of a complete episode.

Snarky Last-Ditch Effort

Halloo and ahoy! If you missed last weekend's episode of A Way with Words, it's now up on the web site: We had a good time as we talked with callers about: --the meaning and origin of "snarky" --"last-stich...