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suitcase v. to carry contraband in one’s rectum. Editorial Note: A synonym is to bank. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


suitcasing  v.— «Many inmates and visitors perfect the art of “suitcasing”—shoving drugs packed in plastic wrap or condoms up their rectum, or “bodypacking”—swallowing packets of drugs.» —“Prison drug smuggling...


shafting  n.— «A young dentist boasted to a friend that he had taken six ecstasy tablets and was heading to the toilets to insert another into his rectum so that it would be absorbed faster. The conversation was shocking to some who...


spizerinctum n. energy, vigor, or vitality. Also spizerinktum, spizzerinktum, spizzerinctum, spizarinctum, pizzeringtum, spizzer inktum, etc. Editorial Note: The ladies club mentioned in the cites seems to have taken its name from the term, which...