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Up Your Alley

Book recommendations, including a collection of short stories inspired by dictionaries, and a techno-thriller for teens. Or, how about novels with an upbeat message? Publishers call this genre up lit. Plus, a clergyman ponders an arresting phrase in...

One-Armed Paper Hanger

The emotional appeal of handwriting and the emotional reveal of animal phrases. Should children be taught cursive writing in school, or is their time better spent studying other things? A handwritten note and a typed one may use the very same words...

Cultural Cringe

The term cultural cringe refers to a tendency to regard one’s own culture as inferior to that of another. This is part of a complete episode.

Days of Wine Flights and Mullets

Barack Obama wants to put people to work building roads and bridges. But how about a federal jobs program for out-of-work writers? Also: why do we call it a flight of wine? How did the haircut called a mullet get its name?

Regards vs. Regard

Is the proper expression “in regards to” or “in regard to”? In regard to this question, the hosts say, the answer is clear and unambiguous. This is part of a complete episode.

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