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container syndrome

container syndrome  n.— Note: Related to sense 2 of bucket baby. «A vocal contingent of doctors and physical therapists believe the strap-in chairs and carriers that millions of parents have come to rely on are contributing to an increase...


cherry-stemming  v.— «Senator McClure.…We have some that were used since the days of the covered wagon out there that are still used by ranchers in the area and have been ever since they had wheeled vehicles.…Yet the BLM says...


foodshed n. the area which can, or is sufficient to, provide food for a given location. Editorial Note: Related terms are viewshed and walkshed. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


hocker n. a person who harangues, beseeches, or talks persuasively; a person who trades in information, gossip, or personal connections; someone who is (obnoxiously) ambitious. Editorial Note: Hocker is common and well-known to yeshiva students in...

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