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road-side-a  n.— «If you spot attractive foliage in a stranger’s landscape or along a public road, make sure you ask permission to cut. Margaret-Ann Ashton warns against “road-side-a,” a coined word meaning “plants you see along the...

snorkel box

snorkel box n. a roadside mailbox with a projecting slot reachable from within an automobile. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

rat patrol

rat patrol  n.— «The soldiers were searching the desert for insurgents…”rat patrol” in military parlance…on June 21 when a roadside bomb exploded near their 5-ton armored vehicle.» —“Soldier buried amid...


descanso  n.— «[Kathleen] McRee and oral historian Troy Fernandez, both Santa Feans, have spent years researching, photographing and interviewing people about the roadside crosses known variously around New Mexico as descansos, crucitas or...