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Drawing Room

Drawing room, known for people taking turns about it, is short for withdrawing room, as in, withdrawing from the dining room while it’s being prepped or cleaned. This is part of a complete episode.

Culch Piles

A woman from upstate New York says her stepfather used to keep small dishes in various rooms to collect small odds and ends like paper clips and rubber bands. He called them culch piles. Martha has the story on this term. This is part of a complete...

Jack and Jill bathroom

Jack and Jill bathroom  n.— «Bathrooms may also have a lot of doors, as they were often placed between two bedrooms (sometimes known as a Jack-and-Jill bathroom).» —by Jane Powell, Linda Svendsen Bungalow Details , 2006...

mother-in-law room

mother-in-law room  n.— «The formal living room has fallen off the map in favor of the Great Room. In some newer homes, (mine included) there is a “living room”—although in my house it is referred to as the “Mother-In-Law Room”—as well as...