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Faulty Language Selection

Amanda Kruel from Knoxville, Tennessee, wrote to say that ten years after learning French, she was studying German and her mind would jump from German to French, instead of English, when she was at a loss for a word. This is known as faulty language...


urohydrosis  n.— Note: The word is misspelled in the article. «For instance, the vultures urinate on their own legs, which both cools them down and applies an antiseptic that speeds healing—a practice called urophydrosis.» —“Raptors...

who laid the rail

who laid the rail  adv. phr.— «The way we glibly toss the word, pastern, at you, you’d think we were and old pastern man from who laid the rail.» —“Sports Roundup” by Joe Williams Syracuse Herald-Journal (New...


NorK  n.— «Willl South Korea lose face if its soldiers liberate Nork concentration camps? And if that day does not come soon, who will be the next Pyongyang despot?» —“Asian Geopolitics Roundup” by Dan...

circus save

circus save
 n.— «Lemelin and Smith made second-period circus saves to keep goose eggs on the board for nearly 51:35.» —“NHL Roundup” by Lisa Harris UPI Feb. 28, 1985. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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