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 n.— «MARBLES: Small pieces of tire rubber that build up above the racing groove.» —“A racing dictionary” St. Petersburg Times (Florida) Apr. 1, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


hooked  adj.— «A small fraction of the convicts who leave Illinois’ prisons each year are “hooked,” as it goes in prison parlance. That is, they are hooked up to a home-monitoring device—those bands of rubber equipped with a...


rollator  n.— «His sister-in-law commented that older people in Sweden sustain their stamina by walking behind a so-called rollator. Unlike a conventional “clomp and stomp” walker, a rollator glides over pavement, carpet...

Miami Model

Miami Model  n.— «Among protestors, it has inspired a new phrase to describe the ruthless crushing of protests—”The Miami Model.” Protestors were attacked with rubber bullets, pepper spray, electric tazer guns, and shock...