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crab in a sack

crab in a sack  n.— «They climbed on top of each other, and when the sack was opened, there were always a few dead ones, as the bigger and stronger ones crawled on the smaller ones, sometimes killing them. Hence the phrase �crabs inna...

refugee bag

refugee bag n. a cheaply made sack of woven nylon fibers, usually with a squarish shape, handles, and a striped, plaid, or checked appearance Editorial Note: A picture of a refugee bag can be seen here. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


dust-off  n.— «Remember when we were out in the field and I couldn’t get any “D” rings for my ruck sack? And you told me if someone goes in on a dust-off to take them off their ruck? Well I did, thanks. They were on your ruck...

sack dance

sack dance  n.— «Well, they both “did what they had to.” Doesn’t mean Al didn’t go home and kick the cat, or George didn’t do a sack dance off screen. They both came out ahead on it by being fairly low key.» —“Re: OT:...

sack dance

sack dance
 n.— «Does a happy sack dance….I’m a Bad Ass Brewer With Attitude! Yeah!» —“Re: OT: Beer is Good for You…“ by Fred Stone Usenet: alt.atheism Oct. 25, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

sack dance

sack dance n. (originally) in American football, a showy celebratory dance performed after the take-down of a ball-carrying quarterback; (hence) especially in competitive events, demonstrative movements or gestures by a person in a (self-perceived)...