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Ifs and Buts and Candied Nuts

A middle school teacher in Flower Mound, Texas, responds to students’ protests and excuses with if all our buts were candied nuts, we’d all be fat for Christmas. It’s probably a variation of a phrase popularized by former Dallas...

Hot Mess

Sneaky contract lingo, advice for writing well, and preserving a dying language. Say you’re scrolling through an online transaction where you’re asked to read the “Terms and Conditions.” Do you actually read them or just check the...

Thief Finesse

A high school teacher in Indianapolis reports her students use the verb finesse to mean “to steal.” This is part of a complete episode.

Beginning with Prepositions

A Texas caller says her child’s middle-school teacher insists that students should never begin a sentence with a preposition. The hosts are shocked, shocked. This is part of a complete episode.

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