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Monkey’s Wedding

It’s the art of constructive feedback: If you’re a teacher with a mountain of papers to grade, you may find yourself puzzling over which kinds of notes in the margins work best. Martha and Grant discuss strategies for effective paper...

Baseball Rhubarb

The sportscaster Red Barber popularized the term rhubarb, meaning a scuffle on the baseball mound. It has now expanded to various kinds of arguments. This is part of a complete episode.


scuffle  v.— «We’ll have our hot streaks, then we’ll scuffle along. We could have had a better home stand, but we’ll just have to keep banging away.» —“Club sputters against East Division clubs” Houston Chronicle May...


scuffle v. in baseball, to not play well or to be in a slump. Etymological Note: Probably related to a meaning given by Merriam-Wester as “to struggle (as by working odd jobs) to get by.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


scuffle  v.— «Pulsipher is out for the year, Wilson will come off the DL as early as next week and Isringhausen is scuffling for wins.» —“Eyes on Braves, Yankees in second half” by Mel Antonen, Rod Beaton USA...

handbags at ten paces

handbags at ten paces  n.— «Then a scuffle broke out between Brentford’s Bates and Albion’s Bradley. “Handbags at 10 paces,” said Bobby Gould, Albion’s manager, with a glint in his eye.» —“Griffin Park statisticians sad to...

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