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More than Four Seasons

Hayley, a poet, grew up in Kansas City, then moved to Minnesota’s Twin Cities. After the last two winters there, she’s begun to wonder: Have English speakers ever referred to more than four seasons in English? Do other cultures measure...


To brumate, meaning “to hibernate during the winter,” comes from the wintry word brumal. So if you’re tired of using the same old wintry adjectives, try describing the weather as brumal. This is part of a complete episode.

Honored vs. Humbled

This awards season, many winners will say, “I’m humbled by this honor.” Ann from Burlington, Vermont, wonders: Shouldn’t they feel honored rather than humbled? What’s so humbling about winning awards? Grant argues that...

Knitted Cap Names

What do you call a knitted winter cap? A beanie? A toboggan? A stocking hat? Grant’s Great Knitted Hat Survey traces the different terms for this cold weather accessory used across the country. This is part of a complete episode.