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keister  v.— «The inmates know officials are looking for the phones and are going to great lengths to hide them, he said. It’s tough, officials admit, because some of the phones are small enough to be, in prison parlance, “keistered...

A Year of Words

Hockey mom? Staycation? Recessionista? What’s your choice for Word of the Year 2008? Also, what expression do you use to describe when it’s raining but the sun is still shining?

Slang This! with a Video Game Designer

This week’s slang quiz challenges a Seattle video game designer to pick out the correct slang terms from a mishmash of possible answers, including hammantaschen, party party, play pattycake, and get off. This is part of a complete episode.


bridge-up  n.— «The “reverse pushups” are called “bridge-ups” if you’re facing upwards and your arms are “above” your head.» —“Day six” by Andy Rutledge Sleepless in the Seattle...

Is There an Amiable Doctor in the Chiasmus?

Welcome to another edition of the A Way with Words newsletter. This week we talked about "see a man about a horse," one of the most popular search terms that brings people to our web site. Who woulda thunk it? And, of course, we gave...

Give It the Old College Slang

If someone calls you dibby, should you be flattered or insulted? You’d know if you were in college a century ago—it’s outdated college slang! Also, we are voluntold to play a word puzzle about Unknown Superheroes!

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