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chamcha  n.— «Chamcha: A Person who uses lot of “Maska” to promote his self interest. The villan in old kannada movies, nowadays potrayed as a statesman.» —“Advanced Kannada Slang” by...


wet  n.— «Allen was “running with a crowd doing a lot of drugs”: marijuana, crack, PCP and a potent concoction called “Wet,” which is marijuana laced with formaldehyde.» —“The Self-Destruction of David...


feederism n. a fetish in which pleasure or sexual gratification is taken from the overfeeding or intentional fattening of one’s self or one’s partners. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

stunt up

stunt up  v.— «If the pictures were posed&mdash”stunted up,” in the parlance—it merely highlights one relatively mild stage in a consistent pattern of gross behaviour on the part of a small number of soldiers. The progress...