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Salting the Earth vs. Salt of the Earth

The phrase salt of the earth describes someone who is essential and pure of heart, a reference to the biblical Sermon on the Mount. To salt the earth usually means to render the ground useless, whether metaphorically or literally. This is part of a...

Not One Iota

The expression “not one iota” means not one bit. Martha explains that it goes back to ancient Greek, and explains its connection to the Sermon on the Mount. This is part of a complete episode.

Best Practice with Dashes

An Episcopal priest in Toledo worries that her sermons are cluttered with dashes. This works just fine when she’s preaching, but when the same text appears on her church’s website, it looks like a messy tangle of words and punctuation...


 n.— «“To the poor is the gospel preached.” They are interwove with the witness-mark of Christianity.» —by Richard Winter Hamilton Sermons (Leeds) , 1846. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

there guitar

there guitar  n.— «This summer, Crane will give his own Sermon on the Mount. For the month of June, in addition to playing what he refers to as the “there guitar” (similar to how e-mail users call paper correspondence “snail mail”) in his...

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