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I’ll Be Sheep-Dipped

What a difference pronunciation makes! The United States has a Department of Defense, and an individual might take classes in self-defense. So why do football and basketball coaches say they’re proud of their . . . “DEE-fence?”...

Knighting Pun

Dubbing someone a knight by tapping their shoulder with a sword is a venerable tradition, but that didn’t stop a wag from mocking it in limerick form with a groaner of a pun. This is part of a complete episode.

Guttural Utterances

Is there a name for those vocal sound we make when shrugging our shoulders or wordlessly affirming something with an “mm-hm”? This is part of a complete episode.

dead arm

dead arm  n.— «Smith started Sunday against his former club, the Athletics, but left after 1 2/3 innings (three hits, five runs, three earned runs, two walks) and said after the contest he has been suffering from shoulder inflammation...

pork flap

pork flap  n.— «You have to start with the right cut of meat—pork belly. In our part of the world, we refer to it as pork flap; so when you go to get your meat to try either or both of these recipes, ask for the pork flap. Both of the...

escort hold

escort hold  n.— «To get him to leave, Hyra gripped Abraha’s clothing at the shoulder with one hand and his wrist with another, a police technique known as the “escort hold,” he said.» —“Bloody ‘obstruction’ arrest leads...