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yo-yoing  n.— «In the wake of a controversy that engulfed the Derby this fall, two respected Island organizations have asked the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) to ban a fishing method known as yo-yoing…a fishing...


endoclaw  n.— «Surgical originally made a name for itself by creating extra-long instruments to operate on morbidly obese people. These include a device called the endoclaw—or kebab skewer as it is known in the trade. Surgeons use it to...


scrumtrelescent  adj.— «Will Farrell used to skewer him elegantly on Saturday Night Live with the all-purpose Lipton adjective, “scrumtrelescent.”» —“Stars align for Lipton to flip Broadway flop” by Richard...


spiedie n. a food dish of marinated meat chunks, usually cooked on a skewer and sometimes eaten as a sandwich. Also spiedi. Editorial Note: This word in the US appears to be special to New York State near Binghamton and Syracuse. Etymological Note:...


 n.— «Spiedi. Marinated Chunks of Meat on a Skewer 55¢.» —in advert. Syracuse Herald-Journal (N.Y.) July 9, 1971. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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