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chemtrail  n.— «The chemicals are deposited into the sky by jets, and they leave trails that resemble those left by planes when flying at certain altitudes. The trails that we are used to seeing, which are caused by condensation, are...

snow sale

snow sale  n.— «I really loved to jump, and it was great fun, but not so fun? Landing. Quite often, I would wipe out spectacularly, resulting in what we loved to call—and call we did, when we witnessed it—a “snow sale.” The...


gevaltize  v.— «In certain precincts of the Jewish community, a person who insists that the sky is falling, despite ample evidence to the contrary, is said to gevaltize—a neologism derived from the famous Yiddish cry of shock or alarm...

sky buster

sky buster
 n.— «Servatious poked out the sky buster and when it came down Servy was on second.» —“Champs Shove Us Down The Ladder” Newark Daily Advocate (Ohio) Sept. 7, 1907. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

rib-eye in the sky

rib-eye in the sky  n.— «A friend from South Dakota calls’em rib-eye in the sky.» —“Shot my first Sandhill crane! Any recipes?” by JoeA in Honolulu, Hawaii HuntingNet Nov. 14, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued...

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