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Episode 1494

Put on the Dog

Why isn’t “you’re welcome” the default response to “thank you” for everyone? Plus lies that kids tell, Philadelphia lawyer, cowbelly, skutch, mind-bottling vs. mind-boggling, tsundoku, infanticipating, noisy piece...

Episode 1417

Idiom’s Delight

A recent study found that some names crop up more frequently than others in certain professions. The name William is especially common among attorneys–and graphic designers include a higher-than-average number of Jessicas. Plus, picturesque...


cheena  adj.— «I could not help but feel that my entire being was placed in the wrong school, in fact, the wrong Cheena[1] school.…[1]A local slang word meaning “Very Chinese.”» —“Chinese, only on the inside” by...


 adj.— «I recently read that the newest slang word was “amajor” which is supposed to combine amazing and major.» —“Too Old to Be Cool?” The IE Mommy Feb. 7, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Salted and Reset

Oyez, oyez! All rise for another newsletter from "A Way with Words"! We took another listen to an episode concerning "orient" vs. "orientate," "sockdologizing," and "my dogs are barking." Hear it...