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Favorite Scrabble Words

Need a Scrabble word with q or z? Grant shares some of his favorite legal Scrabble words: qi (the circulating life force in Chinese philosophy), qat (a leaf chewed in some cultures for stimulating effects), and za (a shortening of the word...

excitation leap

excitation leap  n.— «How, in fact, does a reindeer warn of danger? It jumps in the air—what scientists call an “excitation leap”—and then runs away. All of the other reindeer see the leap, see the running, and take off running, too...

smart shoring

smart shoring  n.— «Microsoft is weighing a move into “smart shoring.” The software giant is considering an “onshore-only” support option for new products, including its upcoming Office 2007, sources said.» —“Microsoft May Look To...


smark  n.— «Smart mark—(n) an informed fan, who follows the business closely, but lets his hair down to enjoy the show (also “smark”).» —“A Rowdy, Bawdy Brawl” by Alfonso A. Castillo Newsday (Long...


 n.— «Smark or Smart: A fan who understands some of the inner workings of the wrestling business.» —“Be a smark, talk the talk” Sunday Mail (Malaysia) Feb. 11, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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