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Snack Slang

Students at Lee High School in Huntstville, Alabama use the slang terms snack and whole meal. A snack is an attractive person and if you’re better than a snack, you’re a whole meal! This is part of a complete episode.

Contents of Gorp

Contrary to popular belief, gorp is not an acronym for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts. Earlier recipes for this crunchy snack contained all kinds of things, like soybeans, sunflower seeds, oats, pretzels, raisins, Wheat Chex and kelp, as in John...

Ping Me

For tech-savvy types, saying “ping me,” meaning “contact me,” is as natural as grabbing a snack while waiting for your computer to boot up. The hosts disagree about whether the verb ping has already moved into common parlance...


snackluck n. a gathering to which each participant brings a small, easy-to-eat food item, or such food contributed in that manner. Etymological Note: Snack + potluck (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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