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Episode 1542

Baby Blues

A hundred years ago, suffragists lobbied to win women the right to vote. Linguistically speaking, though, suffrage isn’t about “suffering.” It’s from a Latin word that involves voting. Plus: military cadences often include...

The Five-Minute Linguist

The 5-Minute Linguist is a book of short, accessible essays by linguists who answer the  questions they commonly hear from laypersons. For example, what’s the difference between a language and a dialect? What causes someone to have a...

Episode 1522

Strawberry Moon

We asked for your thoughts about whether cursive writing should be taught in schools — and many of you replied with a resounding “Yes!” You said cursive helps develop fine motor skills, improves mental focus, and lets you read old...


If someone is garrulous, you might say they’re talkative. If they like to amble about, you can describe them as walkative. In fact, there’s a Walkative Society in England. This is part of a complete episode.

Episode 1511

Care Package

Sending someone a care package shows you care, of course. But the first care packages were boxes of food and personal items for survivors of World War II. They were from the Committee for American Remittances to Europe, the acronym for which is CARE...