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Mikka Bozu

On our Facebook group, listeners are pondering whether there’s a word for buying an object and then using it for a completely different purpose — the treadmill that ends up as a clothes rack, for example. The Japanese expression mikka bozu, or...

What Do Twins Cultivate? Or Mimes?

On our Facebook group, listeners are playfully crowdsourcing what people in different professions might punningly plant. For example, what kind of fruit tree might twins cultivate? What type of flower might be planted by a professional mime? This is...

An Ansible

According to the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction, an ansible is an “instantaneous communication device.” This is part of a complete episode.

Where the Baker Jumped Through

On our Facebook group, listeners discuss jocular explanations for air holes in bread, such as That’s where the baker jumped through, and That’s where the baker crawled through, and for a really big hole, That’s where the baker and...