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Using Double Possessives

A young woman in Charleston, South Carolina, owns a boa constrictor named Wayne, and wonders if it’s correct to say that her father isn’t a fan of Wayne’s. Such double possessives are fine, and have been in use for centuries. This...

Now You’re Cooking with Gas

Some of us can’t go anywhere without a book or something to read. And one fast food joint hears you: Chipotle is now printing the work of famous writers on their paper cups. Speaking of fast food, saying that someone is two plums short of a...

Play in the Mud

You haven’t played in the mud until you’ve done it in South Carolina, where a particularly fine, silty mud is called pluff. This is part of a complete episode.

Joggling Boards

Joggling boards are no ordinary benches — they bounce, and you find them mostly in South Carolina. Hours of fun for the whole family! This is part of a complete episode.


Dayclean, meaning “daybreak” or “dawn,” is common among speakers of Gullah in South Carolina and Georgia. This is part of a complete episode.

Cut to the Chase

This week: whether cotton-pickin’ is racist, unintentionally funny headlines, whether enormity can simply mean “enormous,” how a person can be “such a pill,” and pandiculation. “It’s good stuff, Maynard...