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Eating the Frog

How do you manage your time? Perhaps by eating the frog, which means “to do the most distasteful task first.” This is also known as “carrying guts to a bear.” This is part of a complete episode.

thrown under the bus

thrown under the bus  v. phr.— «The affidavit also alleged Grimsley told federal agents that Roberts, Gibbons and Tejada “took anabolic steroids.” “What can I do? I spent one morning last year with Grimsley,” Tejada...

throw him under the bus

throw him under the bus  v. phr.— «Dorsey has the audacity to finish his career 38-2 instead of 39-1 and you guys are ready to throw him under the bus.» —“Laying down the law” by Stewart Mandel Sports...

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