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 n.— «Portugal is the new World Champion of Fut-Sal (minisoccer).» —“World Cup of FUT-SAL (minisoccer)” by Franco Moriconi Usenet: rec.sport.soccer June 21, 1991. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


futsal  n.— «Like most South Americans, the Uruguayan midfield genius played Futsal (or Indoor Soccer) ONLY until the age of 17.» —“‘Pay-Up’ Blitz On NSL Clubs” by Johnny Warren Sun Herald (Australia) Sept...


futsal  n.— «Short for futbol sala—loosely translated as indoor soccer—futsal is played in soccer-crazed countries all over the world. It is hailed as a teaching tool that develops players’ technical and tactical abilities by forcing them...


ice  v.— «Pittsburgh kicker Jeff Reed couldn’t have been happier when Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio called a timeout as Reed lined up a 37-yard field-goal attempt with 23 seconds left in their game last Sunday night. Del Rio was trying...


asteroidick  n.— «I have one sports-related suggestion—asteroidick. as-ter-oid-ick (n) symbol: * 1. A star-shaped symbol found in the major league baseball record books to indicate players who used steroids. 2. The slimy stuff that sticks...


chili-dip v. when swinging a club in golf, to hit the ground before hitting the ball. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)